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“Design is becoming the differentiator factor of business”

I discovered my passion about digital design when taking one of the first online Masters I found in 2001. At that time, I was using Photoshop for design and Dreamweaver for frontend. I coded my first online store in asp programming language and by then I understood coding (except HTML and CSS) wasn’t really my thing. Reason why I focused 100% in design. Since then I haven’t stopped learning. Even today I keep on studying, reading, taking courses and attending all kind of events.

I used to combine other jobs with studying design but one day I decided to join university, that’s how I became Industrial Designer part time in Valencia (Spain), part time in Düsseldorf (Germany). My german though is still too shy.

To sintetice a bit, after few jumps around the world I ended up meeting personally Jakob Nielsen (Award to the best design multiplatform application in 2012). Co-founder of a tech startup company called Apiumhub, based in 3 countries Spain, Andorra and Vietnam offering services about agile development, quality offshoring, software architecture and user experience design. Since July 2016 Head of UX Design and co-founder of a spin-off digital product studio called North based in Barcelona.


NNgroup Best design multiplatform application 2012CES 2016 award

Work process

I do follow agile methodologies, I work in cycles of time and I do a previous estimation in time and cost for every cycle. This way at the end of each 1-2 week cycle, I deliver usable design and complete features that add value to the product right away. Some of the tools I use are Sketch , Affinity Serif, UXPIN , Marvelapp , UserTesting , Usabilityhub , Trello, JIRA



This is the initial phase where we determine what is the problem that has to be solved, what are the objectives of the project and the KPIs. That’s when we propose a “route to follow”.



The main objective in this phase is to get to know the users, their specific needs and to identify the problems that they face. This is the time to collect usage metrics and users feedback.



Here, it’s about organizing ideas, sketches and prototypes. This phase is iterative as the main function is to obtain quick feedback from both clients and users. In my case, I break it down into types of users and users process of navigation.



Here’s where the magic happens! We focus on colours, apply the corporate image and establish interactions. Normally, several proposals are made using style tiles and when the design line is found, it is used for the whole product.


Rareconnect homepage redesign

Rareconnect is a world wide social network for people experiencing rare diseases.

RareConnect needed to update their platform to a new version and to connect it to new features added within their community such as an AnswerHub site. The goals were, on the one hand to provide the community with tools that would enhance their experience and increase the community feeling, and on the other hand, to refresh the corporative image.

eyeSchool, web app for desktop

EyeOS is a cloud desktop that makes it possible for users to communicate and collaborate by offering file management and personal management tools.

Jacoti Lola Classroom, iPhone native app

Jacoti Lola is an assistive listening solution for classrooms,meeting rooms, and lecture halls that provides low-latency multi-peer audio streaming over consumer-grade Wi-Fi.

CES 2016 award

Cavee, social based elearning system

Cavee is a platform that provides a simple learning system to universities, consultants and companies who can then grant access to their employees or students.

Eventeye, iPhone and Android native apps

Eventeye is an application that helps organizers of an event manage information and deliver a better experience to their attendees via various features.

Fredrik, CEO of the company, came to me with a prototype of their application on iOS that they wanted to refine. They had already detected navigability problems that needed to be solved and they also needed to launch an Android version as soon as possible.


Inotime web & logo design concept

Inotime is a time tracking web tool to track consultants dedicated time to projects and firms.

Monigo Android App Concept Design

This app allows users from 18 to 30 years old transfer money  to their friends via social networks, sms, email,… using their mobile phones and their  bank/credit card accounts.

likeminded concept design for iphone

likeminded EAT intends to be a mobile friendly application that offers restaurant recommendations based on shared eating experiences.

Enrichment technology for epubs

In this R&D project, we wanted to create a double product oriented to readers and publishers. Our team developed a fast way to enrich epubs with aditional relevant content such a definitons, translations, images content-related and video. This way they could provide additional value.

On the other hand, user could be able to get diverse functionality to enrich their reading and knowledge like:

  1. Obtaining context-sensitive definitions
  2. Translating full paragraphs into another language
  3. Active auto-reading lecture mode in any language as well

Prototype was designed using pure HTML and CSS. Developers made a full version only for iPads.

Dixio ForWeb redesign

Dixio ForWeb, the smart look up technology also for websites.

The main purposes of this project were:

  1. Make it responsive, but not for mobiles
  2. It must have space for standard ads sizes such us 300×300
  3. It needed to display “sensitive advertisement” regarding looked up word by user

Prototype was made with Bootstrap.

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