Cause business is also about relationships,

so then a brief introduction about me…

I discovered my passion about digital design when taking one of the first online Masters I found in 2001. At that time, I was using Photoshop for design and Dreamweaver for frontend. I coded my first online store in asp programming language and by then I understood coding (except HTML and CSS) wasn’t really my thing. Reason why I focused 100% in design. Since then I haven’t stopped learning.

I used to combine other jobs with studying design but one day I decided to join university, that’s how I became Industrial Designer 3 years in Valencia (Spain), 1 year in Düsseldorf (Germany). My german though is still too shy :) 

Few jumps around the world later I ended up meeting personally Jakob Nielsen (Award to the best design multiplatform application in 2012). And almost by chance I co-founded a startup company called Apiumtech, based in 3 countries Spain, Andorra and Vietnam offering services about agile development, offshoring, software architecture and user experience design. A long story happened in between. Currently Apiumtech is now Apiumhub and I am no longer a co-founder anymore. Just like in design, I like to keep things simple also for life. 

Following my passion about design I found a second family in this product digital studio called North, also based in Barcelona where I collaborate most of the time.

Rewards and mentions

– Norman Nielsen 2012

Award to the best design multiplatform

– CES Innovation Awards 2016

Innovation Awards Honoree for Jacoti Hearing Suite, a set of cloud-enabled mobile applications that grants anyone hearing support.

Learning is what I value the most. To me every project is a chance to grow.

© 2017  Laura Vilar Ruiz