Case study: CL3VER

provides 3D visual designers and architects an online tool to create and edit interactive 3D presentations maintaining all its quality in a light, clean and easy way.

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The goal was to redesign the entire experience, make it more intuitive despite all its complexity behind and add more features to enrich users workflow.

Zooming out to see the complete picture

Understanding visual designers and architects needs was key point as a start. That helped to identify major tasks and common problems to solve. Next exercise to do was unification. At the end, Cl3ver is composed by an ecosystem of products that interact with each other. So keeping consistency along all those interactions was vital to reduce frustration and product learning curve.

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Extending Cl3ver capabilities

Collaboration, online edition, projects management, sharing experiences, exporting visuals, and many more features were added to Cl3ver’s core. Work process was completely iterative: analyze, design, prototype, test and build. Two different teams of developer participated in the entire project and everything was handle using agile methodologies.

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Analysis & Strategic Planning
Production Planning
Marketing Materials
User Experience
Interface Design
Information Architecture
User Flow Mapping
Visual Design
Responsive Design

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