Case study: Alliance for Dual Professional Training

A social project focused on decreasing unemployment by getting agreements between educative centers and companies and creating professional careers that assure a job.

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The challenge was creating a custom online space where all entities convey and relate to each other in order to expand Dual Professional Training.

Bringing the offline to the online

The first challenge to face was to deeply analyze two things: the needs for the new platform and the type of users that where going to participate. It was pretty useful to have some focus groups meetings in order to have the main conclusions. One of the biggest complexities was designing all workflows needed to cover the 10 different type of users that will be using the platform.

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A social network concept as a result

After many intensive workshops with the different stakeholders involved in the project an idea came up: creating a simple social network to ease interactions between the main entities participating in this new online space.


Analysis & Strategic Planning
Production Planning
User Experience
Interface Design
Information Architecture
User Flow Mapping
Visual Design
Product management
Project made in collaboration with North Studio and Apiumhub.
Project made in collaboration with North Studio and Apiumhub.

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